The Craft Beer Revolution

Today there is more choice than ever when it comes to drinking beer. The Craft Beer movement in Australia, and worldwide, has led to a more diverse drinking culture. While many presume that most craft beers are German or Belgian in origin, many of the finest craft beers on the market are brewed nationally. In today’s blog we highlight some of the the finest Australian craft beers currently on the market.

Burleigh Brewing HEF, Gold Coast, QLD

Burleigh Brewing HEFThis German-style beer from Burleigh Brewing classifies itself as “distinctly wunderbar” and it is easy to see why. The beer won the Gold Medal at the prestigious World Beer Cup in 2012 and a year earlier was named awarded a title at the World Beer Championships. This Australian take on a German hefe has set tongues wagging, and is set to continue to rise in popularity. The beer itself is known for its fruity aroma and taste, you can get hints of orange peel, banana and clove aromas. Light on carbonation with an astringent finish Burleigh Brewing’s HEF is an easy to drink craft beer that has established itself as one of the greats on the Australian craft beer market.

Bridge Road Brewers Chevalier Saison, Beechworth, VIC

Bridge Road Brewers Chevalier SaisonIt is no wonder that Bridge Road Brewers have opted to brew the distinctive Belgian Saison style of beer. The Australian climate lends itself perfectly to create this light and zesty beer, which often has fruity, spicy herbal and tart features. The Chevalier Saison from Bridge Road Brewers is a masterpiece. It is incredibly distinctive, being sold in champagne style bottles, and at 750ml it is perfectly suited to pair with a meal. This straw coloured beer is light, dry and acidic. It has a flavoursome citrus characteristic which makes it ideal to pair with food.

Coopers Best Extra Stout, Adelaide, SA

Coopers Best Extra StoutA stout may be traditionally viewed as a drink for colder climates, like the Guinness drinkers of Ireland, but Coopers Best Extra Stout is a refreshing, rich and delicious Australian stout from a well-established Craft Brewery. Coopers, already renowned for their sparkling ale and original pale ale, have truly mastered the perfect stout with their Best Extra Stout. The drink pours rich and black, and has a thick tenacious off-white head. The aroma and taste are reminiscent of bitter dark chocolate and coffee, and this thick stout feels like sumptuous dessert.

Moo Brew Pilsner, Hobart, TAS

 Moo Brew PilsnerWith the wide variety of beers on the market today, the traditional lager can become forgotten. This delicious Pilsner from Tasmanian based Moo Brew, challenges the belief that a decent lager has to be made in the cool climate of Pilsen. Moo Brew’s pilsner has a beautiful golden colour and clarity, and is tantalisingly refreshing upon first taste. Once poured a floral and fruity aroma bursts forth, with a spicy scent lingering. The beer tastes fruity, particularly citrusy and peachy, and has a spicy hop taste on the finish.

Feral Hop Hog IPA, Swan Valley, WA

Feral Hop Hog IPAThe HopHog is an American Style India Pale Ale from Feral Brewing that resembles all of the characteristics of a true American IPA. Feral Brewing has snagged several trophies at the Australian International Beer Awards year on year, and the Hop Hog is a testament to their unwavering passion to try new brews. As an American style IPA the beer is infused with a lot of American hops, which give it a rich citrus and pine taste and aroma. As you drink the beer you notice a bitterness and dryness toward the finish. It has a slightly sweet taste to it, unusual in this style of beer, which makes it a perfect drink for newbies to the IPA style of beer.

4 Pines ESB, Manly, NSW

4 Pines ESBThe people at 4 Pines Brewing have undone themselves with this ‘Extra Special Bitter’ or ESB. The 4 Pines Microbrewery has earned an excellent reputation among beer loves, and the ‘Extra Special Bitter’ is most certainly extra special. This full-flavoured, amber-coloured English Ale is a sweet, and satisfying drink. The beer pours a bright copper colour, with a delicious toffee aroma. This ale is quite sweet, giving the drinker a hint of caramel and dark fruits, while also allowing the subtle taste of the earthy hops.

It is important to remember that this is just a selection of some of the finest Australian craft beers on the market. The Australian craft beer scene is in a state of growth, and as more ambitious microbreweries come to the fore offering delicious and unique craft beers, it will remain a growing industry for many years to come.