Fifteen fun facts about alcohol

Today we bring you fifteen fun facts about alcohol, from world traditions to historical laws, we reveal our favourite alcohol facts.

  1. In Russia, anything that was under 10% abv alcohol was considered a foodstuff until 2011 and therefore most beers were considered non-alcoholic!
  2. In Germany ‘Men’s Day’ is celebrated instead of Father’s Day. This tradition see’s men, both young and old, carry wagons filled with booze and food around for the day.
  3. During the infamous Prohibition period in the U.S., the government actually poisoned alcohol to discourage citizens from drinking it. This resulted in the deaths of as many as 10,000 people.
  4. Scientists are currently researching a drug that can dramatically reduce alcohol levels in the blood, allowing you to sober a person up almost instantaneously.
  5. When the Playboy Club first opened its doors, the bunnies were expected to be able to identify 143 brands of liquor and know how to make at least 20 different cocktails.
  6. Alcohol is considered a performance enhancing drug in professional shooting. Shooters who drink can relax and slow their heart rates, which helps their accuracy.
  7. World-famous scientist Nikola Tesla drank whiskey every single day. He believed the golden liquor would allow him to live to the age of 150.
  8. Gin and tonic was invented in British colonial India by Brits who mixed their malaria medicine (quinine tonic) with gin to make it taste better!
  9. In early colonial Australia, rum could be used as a currency. The infamous ‘Rum Rebellion’ stemmed out of this period!
  10. A chimpanzee had to check into rehab to treat alcohol addiction in Russia. Visitors of the zoo in which he lived had been regularly giving him alcohol as a ‘treat’.
  11. Macallan 64 Year Old in Lalique is the world’s most expensive scotch, and was sold at auction for $460,000US, that is almost $500,000AUD for one bottle!
  12. Due to the excessive cost of alcohol in Scandinavia, there is a cruise ship that travels between Stockholm and Helsinki to allow passengers to buy and drink cheap alcohol.
  13. U.S. President Herbert Hoover thwarted Prohibition laws by going to the Belgian embassy to drink martinis. The embassy counted as foreign soil, so this was perfectly legal!
  14. It is estimated that nearly 40% of people of East Asian decent do not have the enzymes that allow them to properly metabolise alcohol.
  15. In 1830 the average person over 15 years old consumed an entire bottle of whisky every 4.2 days, that’s 88 bottles of whisky per year!