The do’s & don’ts of a hangover

So it has happened, you’ve had a bit too much to drink the night before and now you’re googling for hangover support. We dispel the myths that surround hangovers and give you our definitive do’s & don’ts!

Don’t – Eat a greasy breakfast

A greasy breakfast is often hailed as the best breakfast to have after a hangover but be warned, your body will not thank you. The greasy, fatty food will make your stomach feel full, but you won’t receive any of the nutrients your body needs after being on a bender.

Do – Eat eggs

Swap the sausages for a hard boiled or poached egg. Eggs contain a substance called cysteine which has been proven to break down toxins in your body that occur after consuming alcohol.

Don’t – Opt for hair of the dog

Having a drink the morning after will only temporarily relieve your symptoms. When your blood-alcohol level reaches zero, by having a drink you boost this level which simply delays when the hangover symptoms will kick in. Hair of the dog doesn’t offer relief, it will also prolong your hangover.

Do – Drink plenty of fluids & take vitamins

Ensure you drink plenty of water to rehydrate yourself. If you didn’t take a vitamin and mineral supplement (like Revivol) your body may also be lacking in many essential elements so try to drink lots of different fluids to counteract this. Many sports drinks will help you to replace electrolytes, orange juice will help you to replenish your vitamin C levels and having some fruit or fruit juices will help you to balance your blood sugar levels.

Don’t – Exercise

Your mates might decide to hit the gym, but if you’re feeling a little worse for wear, then exercising is a recipe for disaster. As alcohol is a diuretic it will have caused your body to lose a lot of water so you progressively become dehydrated as you drink. Working out will only make your body sweat and lose even more water.

Do – Shower and relax

Take a nice warm shower which will help your body to raise its temperature. Bringing up your body temperature lulls your body into a restful state allowing you to bypass the worst bits of your day. If sleeping isn’t an option a cold shower will make you more alert and better able to deal with your day.