Surviving a hangover at work

Every once in a while the opportunity to go out on a work night might crop up, and if you haven’t taken any hangover prevention measures, then the work hangover is an unavoidable fact of life. Being hungover is rough, but having to perform like a human being at work while hungover is a nightmare! We count down the challenges you will face throughout the day, and offer some advice to help you survive your work hangover.

Getting Out of Bed

Difficulty: Hard

Method: Just do it. It’s an all or nothing kind of deal. If you don’t haul yourself out of bed in one fell swoop then you’re never going to get out of bed in time for work.

Survival Tip: Try not to raise your head too quickly, the resulting headache may set you back – lying on the sheets, rubbing your temples and rueing the day you discovered alcohol.

Success rate: Poor

This is the first hurdle of the day. Many fall and simply call in sick.

Getting Dressed

Difficulty: Intermediate

Method: Post shower, head straight to your wardrobe, do not sit on your bed to contemplate things!

Survival Tip: Find your most professional looking outfit – you’ll trick everyone into thinking you’re at the top of your game.

Success rate: Okay

The struggle to put on some jeans is overwhelming, but even clothing your aching body is an achievement in itself.

Eating Breakfast

Difficulty: Hard

Method: Open the fridge, and assess its contents. If the look of smelly blue cheese or dinner leftovers has you running to the loo, then perhaps skip it until you’re ready to eat.

Survival Tip: Eat eggs! Seriously. Eggs contain cysteine which breaks down the alcohol related toxins in your body.

Success Rate: 50/50

Either you line your belly with nutritious food, or you skip the step altogether and hope your stomach settles.

The Commute

Difficulty: Advanced

Method: Keep looking ahead. Be alert. Be aware.

Survival Tip: If you can, take public transport. It is safer for you and for other commuters as you may not be on top form.

Success rate: Good

If you’ve gotten through the first few challenges then chances are you’re going to survive the commute.

Keeping up Appearances

Difficulty: Hard

Method: Walk in with your head held high, say hello to everyone, and try to look very productive as soon as you get to your desk.

Survival Tip: Smile. If you look surly then it’s going to be pretty obvious that you’re not at your best.

Success rate: Good

Being cheerful isn’t easy when you feel unwell, but just keep smiling and nobody will ever know!

Taking your lunch break

Difficulty: Easy

Method: Get outside and go get some fresh air for yourself. Try to avoid lunch dates with colleagues and instead go find yourself some food to satisfy that hangover craving you no doubt have by now.

Survival Tip: Get a few snacks that you can nibble on at your desk throughout the day.

Success rate: Excellent

This is no doubt the easiest part of your day.

Taking meetings

Difficulty: Intermediate

Method: Try to emulate that faux positive attitude you had walking in the door this morning, say hello to everyone once you get inside and try to nab a seat in a corner.

Survival Tip: Keep a low profile. You may be asked for your opinion, so try to keep it short and sweet.

Success rate: Good

If you’re given the option to be more of a spectator, then a meeting can be a lot easier than actually sitting at your desk working.

The 3pm Slump

Difficulty: Advanced

Method: The mid-afternoon slump is difficult to overcome on a normal day, and if you’re hungover then it is even more challenging. Try to start a new project, if you begin to tire of it take, a 5 minute water break and tackle it again.

Survival Tip: Start making your way through those snacks you bought at lunch.

Success rate: Low

Chances are your productivity is going to suffer here, but tomorrow is another day.

Going home

Difficulty: Easy

Method: Casually step up, smile, and say goodbye to all of your colleagues. You have made it through the day. You deserve a pat on the back.

Survival Tip: It is tempting, but don’t be the person who jumps up the second you can leave. Try to stay a few additional minutes to tie up some work.

Success rate: Excellent

There is no real challenge here. The only hazard is ensuring that you leave at an acceptable time and that your boss doesn’t spot you slinking away at your earliest convenience.